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Duo Escarlata, Daniela Hunziker-Violoncello, Ina Callejas-Accordion

The scarlet color of amaryllis petals in the name of Duo Escarlata glows radiantly in its name and its logo. Cellist Daniela Roos-Hunziker and accordionist Ina Callejas broke new ground together in early 2011: The unusual combination of their two instruments creates a world of sound which draws listeners in as well as challenging and surprising them. The two musicians dedicate themselves with passion to music from all periods of music history – from the Renaissance and Baroque, to Classical and Romantic repertoire, all the way to New Music. They are on a continuous quest for a new and convincing tonal effect that matches the original compositions as closely as possible. Each member of the duo prepares finely worked out transcribed arrangements for their ensemble. Among other things, this can even mean a melody originally for violoncello is played by the accordion, with the cello assuming the role of accompanist. The high musical standard and creativity of Duo Escarlata was recognized with their being named Pro Argovia Artist scholarship recipients in 2012/2013. Subsequent recital engagements introduced the ensemble and its music to a wide audience. In the meantime, the duo performs all over Switzerland and Germany, and are closely followed by the media. In July of 2014, Duo Escarlata released their debut album "Im Volkston" on the GENUIN classic label. The CD features works by Schumann, Dvořák and Martinů. Their second CD "HERZSTÜCKE", with works by Popper, de Falla, Cassadó, Offenbach, Piazzolla etc., is available since end of 2016.